Seneca on Friendship, Death and Poverty - Edited and revised by Keth Seddon

"The Third Of Three Slim Volumes Roger L'Estrange, staunch royalist, author and pamphleteer, one-time inmate of Newgate Prison, one-time exile, one-time Member of Parliament, takes up the teaching of the Roman Stoic philosopher Seneca, rearranging and paraphrasing the original Latin to shape a unique and engaging work of his own. True friendship, based on Stoic principles, provides a certain antidote against all calamities, and even the fear of poverty, the hurt of death, and the lamentations of grief may be turned aside by those who possess a proper philosophy. This third slim volume is the concluding part of Roger L'Estrange's Seneca of a Happy Life, being itself an extract of a much larger whole, Seneca's Morals, first published in 1678."

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